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Dear visitors,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the new website of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, which was designed with the exclusive purpose of providing correct, timely and user friendly information.

The launching of a new and enriched website complements the work of the Secretariat, and at the same time enhances the performance of its mission as well as its upgraded role.

In today’s technological environment and information society, the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers aims to provide, through its website, comprehensive and updated information concerning the Council of Ministers Decisions. At the same time, as a result of the recent upgrading of the Secretariat’s competences, based on The Council of Ministers’ Decision No. 74.995, dated 24.4.2013, the operation of the website constitutes a prerequisite for the successful fulfillment of the Secretariat’s mission.

Therefore, the website represents a source of information for all stakeholders, whilst the use of innovative forms of communication constitutes a “window to the world,” so that the Secretariat can receive as well as transmit messages to the public who can thus share our eagerness and the intention to promote and contribute to better and more effective governance.

Furthermore, I consider that the new website will constitute a permanent connection between the Secretariat and the visitors of the website, on issues that relate to the broader implementation of the current Governance Programme, through the immediate and full implementation of the Council of Ministers Decisions.

The website will be under continuous improvement and its content will be constantly enriched with new listings and statistical data, related to the number of Decisions that are made by the Council of Ministers. However, any criticism aiming towards further improvement is absolutely welcome.

To conclude, I believe that the services provided by the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers are being modernized in the best interests of the citizen. I hope that this new website of the Secretariat will meet the necessary response and support from you.

Penelope Papavasiliou
Council of Ministers

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